Declare Energy Independence

Around 250 properties installed

With over 250 residential and commercial properties installed, we made sure that every client deserves nothing but the best quality panels and installation service in the market.

Over $350,000 saved from renewable energy

Our clients have saved a whole lot by switching to renewable energy. One of the many advantages of solar panels as a source of renewable energy.

137 megawatts(MW) generated every year

The amount of renewable energy that we have provided to our clients is enough to power a small town in a year!

Ready to go green?

Southwest Solar Stores has been installing solar panels since 2019 with extensive experience ranging from small home installations to large corporate installations.

We combine our expertise with local utilities to provide one of the best cost-per-watt pricing options in the region. Our pricing, along with Federal and State incentives on renewable energy, offers you HUGE savings.

We make your switch to solar easy and convenient.

Texas Power Tree

These structures are built like trees with solar panels attached to the trunks. They are designed for decorative purposes and to bring renewable solar energy to a home or business. A major purpose of the installation is to increase the public’s awareness of renewable energy and get more people interested in solar panels.

Our Mission

We know that one of your most valuable assets is your home and any changes or enhancements can impact its market value, but more importantly it can affect your comfort and security. Solar trees are effective power sources that also lend an aesthetic value to compliment your home or business. With our 100% financing, utility rebates, and government incentives, you can get started with $0 down and immediately add value to your property and see the savings as soon as your first month.

With these great incentives, NOW is a best time to have renewable energy!

Our Services

Southwest Solar Stores offers a full-service turnkey operation with EASY finance options. To know more about our solar services and finance options, reach out to us by clicking the button below !


” Thank You!!! You guys are great! You did an excellent job with my Solar System and now my electric bills are down to almost $0 every month.

I highly recommend Southwest Solar Stores to all of my friends! “


” I was looking for a good contractor on my own for my new project. Southwest Solar Stores was the contractor for me.

They were very professional and reasonably priced. They saved me a lot of time and guesswork.


” I needed help with a lot of work to be done on my condo.

I felt very comfortable with them and I am very pleased with all the work they did. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs work done… “


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